acmon group
Acmon Group, a solid group of companies with proven track record of 30 years providing Industrial Solutions worldwide, having the competitive advantage of supplying full engineering and technical support, realizing all parts of a factory in every kind of Industrial sector – Food, Plastic, Glass, Building materials.
Acmon Systems
In Acmon Systems we develop innovative Bulk Handling solutions - ranging from raw material reception and storage up to the final product dispatch- in close co-operation with our customers, offering tailor made applications, adjusted to their unique needs and requirements meeting the ultimate standards of quality, safety & service.

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Icon Systems
Icon, Industrial Conveying Systems is specialized in designing, manufacturing and delivering solutions that automate conveying, palletizing and packaging procedures of the final products.

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Acmon Data
Acmon Data specializes in the development and implementation of information systems for production control and warehouse management, aiming at collecting, processing, managing and evaluating information by coordinating all production processes in collaboration with any ERP system.

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